Friday, May 17, 2013

How The Galaxy Note 2 Has Been A Huge Marketing Success For Samsung

With the release of Samsung Galaxy Note in 2011 it was assured, even amid the mixed reviews, due to the overwhelming response by customers that there is indeed a future for the phablets and we have seen nothing but the mere start of the phablet technology. But the question about the big display was raised amongst the tech critics and whether these phablets will have a long life or dwindle away with time as fads do. But in my honest opinion, it was the bigger screen size that attracted me to go ahead and risk buying a phablet. Why would a big screen smartphone sell more as opposed to the verdict that was circulating on the Internet that the big screens would ironically be the fall of phablets? It is a simple answer: big screens give better UI experience than smaller screens. Indeed, the small screens are better if your interest is in purely for basic smartphone stuff.

Many individuals have mentioned that the main reason for Samsung Galaxy Note’s presumed failure would be the big screen, which I don’t really understand. Laptops were invented by a group of people and companies to make it easier to work on portable workstations and were ‘personal and portable information manipulator’ as was said by Alan Kay in the 1970s. Probably, the impact of a portable computer must have been received with mixed responses at that time as we can see with phablets now. The future I see for the phablets is an incredible hybrid of high-end laptops and cellphones and at 5-inch to 8-inch display making it easier to even work. I think Samsung had come to an understanding about such a possibility in future before making a phablet. Who wouldn't want a futuristic 6-inch to 8-inch thin and powerful workstation with an amazing UI that you may be able to carry everywhere with more ease than laptops and still be able to work without any discomfit?

Samsung didn't get discouraged with some negative reviews that were received after the release of Galaxy Note as the sales spoke for themselves and with that in mind, they released a 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 2 and it was not very surprising that it sold millions of units already ever since September 2012. People may wonder how can a big screen change the experience in anyway. But it does and in more than one ways. It will be ridiculous to say that everyone likes to watch videos and movies only on their computers or laptops. There are many who love to experience it on their smartphones and especially as many now a days come with 1080p or 720p HD resolution. And there are who love reading and phablets like Note 2 made it easier with support for various e-book readers and access to Google Play’s books section. MP3 players were good when they were first released as cellphones did not come with music players but I think the craze has died down a bit ever since cellphones started the music players supporting various audio formats. Bigger screen size also means better gaming experience. Of course, playing games on smaller screen do not necessarily give a bad experience but that bigger screens give more fulfillment.

Galaxy Note 2 has willingly given more to customers to feel gratified with their powerful hardware and Jelly Bean OS with addition to camera, video player, audio player, games, e-book readers, and S-Pen. I might go ahead and mention about the OfficeSuite, Evernote, S Note, S Planner, support for Dropbox and Google Drive for those who want an easier access to their daily plans and routines as well as work files. There is also 3rd part apps that can be downloaded like Chrome, Gtalk & G-Messenger+, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram, Pixlr Express for those who love to be active and update photos on various social networking websites.

Samsung dared to do what other companies did not with its Galaxy Note. They took the risk of getting rejected by customers for such large displays and it may have been too early to release phablets but working against all the odds, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 came out as a winner in the second round as well. 


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