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We welcome guest posts here at Android Campus. Guest posts give readers fresh content and authors reputation as well as back links to their personal blogs.

Why guest post at Android Campus??

  • Your article will reach our subscribers, and since it will have links to your blog, subscribers will reach you!
  • You can even earn money by placing one adsense ad between your post ( read guidelines below) 
  • We promote all guest posts to social networks & optimize them for Search Engines, giving your blog/post extra exposure.
  • Guest posting will help you build upto 2 Backlinks to your blog/social profile (1 in bio and 1 in content).
  • You can add your bio at the end of your guest post, so you (or your blog) get recognition.
  • You get a free account at Android Campus for easy edits.
Guidelines for posting a guest post

1)  Relevant: The guest post must be relevant to the niche of Android Campus (android , mobiles).
2)  Original: The article you submit:
  •    Must not be posted on your own blog/site
  •    Must not be guest-posted on any other blog/site than Android Campus
  •    Must be original.
3)  Maximum 50 words bio: Write about yourself here. You may include only 1 link here. Please put the bio at the end of the post.
4)  Copyrighted Images: If images are copyrighted by someone other than you or your blog/site, link the images to the source to give credit.
5)  No links to unrelated sites: Please do not include links that are irrelevant to your content.
6)  No affiliate links: We strictly deny posts with affiliate links.
7)  Reply to comments: You will need to reply to ‘query’ comments generated on your guest post. Failure to reply to a query within 3 days, may lead to withdrawal of your links from the post.
8)  Promote the post as much as possible and we will also be promoting it on out site.
9)  Guest posts for self-promotion will have to be payed for, details for which can be discussed via mail.
10) Adsense ad can only:

  • 468x60 banner it may contain image or text based ads (example)
  • only one ad per post can be placed
  • position should not be exactly below the title of post
How to submit guest post to Android Campus?
E-mail your guest post at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx . It will be reviewed and an account will be created for you.
( you must mail a well formated post including images and link saved in a word document file ) 

Android Campus reserves the right to
  • edit a guest post as needed (like, to fix spelling or grammatical errors). Any edits will be discussed with you before publishing.
  • reject a guest post that we feel is not appropriate for Android Campus.
  • Suspend a guest account if the writer submits even a single duplicate article. Their previous posts will be attributed back to us, and all backlinks removed.
  • Withdraw links from a guest post if the author does not reply to comments on that post within 3 days of approval of a comment.
  • Change the guidelines anytime without any prior notice.