Friday, April 11, 2014

Is The Heart Rate Sensor On The Galaxy S5 Really Useful?

With the unveiling of the Galaxy S5, Samsung boasts that it is the world’s first smartphone with a dedicated heart rate sensor. While there is no assurance on the accuracy of the reading, this feature is simple to use and a useful tool when it comes to keeping track of your pulse during an intense workout session.

How It Works


The Instant Heart Monitor is a simple and user friendly tool. All you have to do is select the heart-rate monitor icon that is built into the S5’s newly improved S Health 3.0 app. Many users would assume that the bump right below the camera lens is a flash. However, it is a sensor that helps you track down your fitness activities and plan out your workouts accordingly. Just place your index finger on the center of the flash module and get started. The sensor counts the changes in blood flow present in the tip of your finger and then calculates the overall beats per minute. It usually counts for around 15-30 seconds and then does a simple calculation to give you the desired results. Once the data is captured, the heart rate is added to a graph. This helps you plot your heart rate over a period of time and can then be viewed at a later stage in time.

Become Your Own Personal Trainer

The heart rate sensor is integrated into the S Health app that uses it to coach you on your workout regime. It is also compatible with the Galaxy Gear 2, Galaxy Gear 2 Neo and Galaxy Gear Fit. This is highly useful as you can monitor your activity without even having to remove your Samsung Galaxy S5 from your pocket. The same feature has been added to the new Gear smartwatches and the Gear fitness brand. All these accessories work by beaming a light through your skin. This furthermore detects the change in color every time blood rushes past the nanoscale camera. Samsung S5’s heart rate sensor is perfect for monitoring the rate of your pulse during a workout and also seeing the quickness of recovery. However, the heart rate sensor in the Gear range products has an extra use. Since they are strapped to your skin constantly, your heart rate can be monitored at real time. This definitely lets you become your own personal fitness trainer, and in turn, motivates you to either push harder or slow down depending on your heart rate situation.

Not The First, But Not The Worst

While Samsung has boasted that the S5 is the first of its kind smartphone with a built-in heart rate sensor, there are many apps in the Google Play store that are similar in function. The Instant Heart Rate is one such third-party app that can be downloaded onto your smartphone for a small fee. However, this app and others are at times unpredictable and slower compared to Samsung’s built-in solution. You have to be completely still for Instant Heart Rate to work. The only downfall the S5’s heart rate sensor has is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to interact with the app regarding your activities. The Samsung Galaxy S5 allows for a faster and cleaner capture of your heart rate, and allows you to do more in the long run.

Revolutionize Your Workouts


While the S5 has it’s disadvantages with the heart rate sensor, it can revolutionize the way you workout. When used with the Gear smartwatches or the Gear Fit, the advantages and practicality are abundant. The fact that you can check your heart rate on a constant basis, even while you are exercising, makes the feature far more useful. Along with the S Health 3.0 acting as your personal trainer, this heart rate sensor will definitely keep you on your toes and motivated to make the most out of your workouts.


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