Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nexus 8 and Google smartwatch rumours


Google’s Nexus tablets have been quite a success, and there have been rumors of a Nexus 8 tablet that is slated to be released in the second half of 2014.

There have been the constant rumors since last year about a Google designed smartwatch. Wearables appear to be the next wave in technology, and Google Glass and smartwatches from vendors like Samsung, and Sony have already started a trend.

So, here is a roundup of all the rumors surrounding the Nexus 8 Tablet and Google’s unannounced but much anticipated smartwatch.

Nexus 8 Set To be Released Soon?

It has not been formally announced as yet, but there are a lot of rumors flying around about an 8-inch tablet, its release date, the processor, manufacturer, and even price.

Time Of Release

Many rumors pin the date at June, to tie in with the Google I/O conference, where the company is also expected to release the Android 4.5 version.


Google, of course, doesn't make its own hardware, it only provides the technical and design specifications. So far, Asus, LG and Samsung have been Google's OEM partners for the Nexus tablets. The Asus partnership that resulted in the Nexus 7 tablet, proved to be the most popular one. However, some rumors are pointing towards LG being the chosen partner to make the Nexus 8 tablet. Latest reports are pointing to HTC. The tablet is reported to have an 8.9-inch display.


Intel announced its Moorefield processor during the MWC and several reports suggest this could be the processor powering Nexus 8. Another popular choice is the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.


There are some reports that predict the Nexus 8 tablet will run the latest version of Android. As the tablet is expected to be released in June or July, that is probably the Android 4.5 version. The new version is expected to be called Lollipop or Lemon Meringue Pie.


The Nexus 8 for the 16GB and 32GB models, are expected to be priced at $249 and $299 respectively.

Google Smartwatch

Ever since last year, there have been many reports of Google designing a smartwatch, as part of its wearable gadgets stable, led by the Google Glass. Websites fueled the buzz, and patents filed by the company for smartwatch devices added to the anticipation.

So, collecting together all the available unconfirmed reports about the smartwatch we can provide a few hints at what the actual smartwatch will look like and what its configuration could be.

When Is The Google Smartwatch Coming Out?

The Google Smartwatch, will have a square look like smartwatches from Sony and Samsung. It could have touch controls placed on the straps in addition to the watch face, to enable smoother operations.

There are also rumors that LG will be the OEM to make the Smartwatch, though Google is also said to be exploring other options. The smartwatch is also said to feature the Google Now service. This software is an intelligent and adaptive personal assistance service that can provide users with information like weather and location to sports news and the best routes to take to reach your destination.

While the Smartwatch might run on the latest Android version, Google is also working on a wearable device OS. The Smartwatch might run on the new OS, officially known as Android Wear. Android Wear is a lighter version of Android designed to work with devices like the smartwatch. It will probably have the card based UI of Google Now.

The Smartwatch will probably be made by LG and have a 1.65-inch color screen with a resolution of 280x280 pixels. It could sport a 512 MB RAM with 4GB internal storage. There are as yet no definite reports about the processor and other specifications and whether the device will have a camera.

Google is already working on cutting edge wearable gadgets, with the futuristic Google Glass. So, gadget aficionados have a lot to look forward to in the coming months, with the Google Nexus 8 and a Google smartwatch on their wishlist.


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