Friday, June 10, 2011

Zero new devices from Apple, RIM, Nokia to help Android gain market share this summer

One of Android’s main advantages is volume. Not a week goes by that we don’t hear about some new Android device that’s coming out in the near future. It’s this nonstop river of Android phones that has catapulted the platform to the number one spot worldwide. As someone who keeps an eye on this avalanche of new devices, it’s a little overwhelming at times.

But you know who dislikes this constant release of new Android devices even more? RIM, Nokia and Apple. Especially since none of them will be announcing any new phones for at least three months. That’s an eternity in the tech world. Even more so in the Android world, where it takes just a few weeks for phones to become obsolete.

Apple broke the tradition at this year’s WWDC conference, and didn’t announce a new iPhone. It is now believed the company will release the “magical” device this Fall, along with iOS 5. Then there’s Nokia, which is still releasing Symbian phones that no one is buying and won’t have a Windows Phone device ready until the Christmas season. Lastly, RIM has delayed the release of its Bold 9900/9930 until September.

In other words, Android has the next three months all to itself. Today’s Sprint-Motorola lovefest brought the release of two new high-end Android devices. Right around the corner, we have Sprint’s EVO 3D and T-Mobile’s Sensation 4G and Exhibit 4G. And that’s just what’s coming out this month.

By the time the other companies get their acts together and release new devices this Fall, Google and co. will be getting ready to launch the Ice Cream Sandwich-powered, Tegra 3-packing Nexus 3. Also known as the device that’ll make all other phones look like a telegraph. Good luck, RIM, Nokia and Apple.


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