Thursday, July 7, 2011

[APP] Vlingo updated to version 3.0, Comes with beautiful UI overhaul

Vlingo updated to version 3.0, brings gorgeous UI overhaul

One of the applications we haven’t talked about in a long while is Vlingo, an application that gives Android users full voice control over their Android phones. This was largely due to the fact that Google undercut Vlingo (then a $10 application) by baking several of Vlingo’s core features directly into the Android operating system with its Voice Search application. In response to Voice Search, Vlingo began offering their application for free and continues to set itself apart by offering features not yet found in voice search, such the ability to update social media statuses and launch applications by voice.
Today Vlingo announced the release of Vlingo Virtual Assistant v.3.0, which brings a user interface that is simply beautiful to behold. It’s clean, polished and frankly what many applications should look like. In addition to the UI overhaul, Vlingo 3.0 brings broader support for several languages and Beta support for two new languages (Japanese and Korean), as well as new unified messaging and improved local search functionality.
If you like the idea of using your voice to control your device, you may want to head over to the Android Market and download the free application. Vlingo 3.0 requires that your phone be running Android 2.0.1 or above, which should be the vast majority of you.
With this 3.0 update, I’m certainly planning on giving Vlingo another shot and encourage you to check it out as well.
Anyone out there use Vlingo religiously? How do you like Vlingo over Google Voice Search? If you aren’t currently a Vlingo user, does a revamped Vlingo application make you want to try it out as well? Sound off to these questions (and more) in the comments.



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