Wednesday, October 12, 2011

LG Doubleplay - The first android phone packed with dual display with slide out keyboard

Shocked, nah! i think this news might now be shocking because now-days in the world of cometition everything seems simple and easy to achieve. by the way up here is the leak picture of the LG upcoming model Lg Doubleplay ( don't get mistaken by lg dual play technology made for 3DTV) android phone.

This phone is the first ever android phone which has double display unit on a single phone within a slide out qwerty keypad. this phone looks like a invention of a crazy mind. According to the looks and placements of elements on phone this phone must be crazy and very fun to operate , we are hoping it to launch soon. Though still there is no information from LG side about this leaked phone.

The Doubleplay will most likely be a low-end phone, judging by the reported 320x480 display and weak 5MP camera. That doesn't keep it from being unique though, with a secondary LCD that will probably serve very little practical purpose embedded right in the middle of the keyboard. Still, there may be some sort of target audience for this device -- tweeners, perhaps? Smartphone newcomers? Honestly, I'm not sure that this phone is a good idea for anyone, let along smartphone first-timers.

Either way, if you happen to be one of the four people considering picking up this handset, the word on the street is that November 2nd for $150 with a two-year contract is the time and price for this little bundle of bizarre.




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