Thursday, November 10, 2011

World's Cheapest Tablet will now get faster and better : Aakash 2

Are you all exited for the public release of Aakash tablet, because it's just a month away from it's launch? but i was not too much happy and exited for it's launch, because when i heard about it's pathetic configuration i got too much disappointed. Even though the tablet price is as cheap as $35 ( $60 in open market) but still the configuration of Ubislate aka aakash is unbearable.

This fact is also realized by Datawind - The uk based company which is manufacturing the aakash tab for Indians. So they Have announced that they have started working on improvements of Ubislate / Aakash.

The Aakash tablet was developed by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Rajasthan, along with Datawind and subsidized by the Indian government to $30 for Indian students with the name Aakash tablet, Ubislate has some striking features.
Read More about Aakash/Ubislate:
According to the reports few of the Aakash tablets ( around 500 ) were manufactured and distributed among the students of IIT and some other institutes of India for Beta testing. And the results were disappointing, as expected. Students reported that the tablet used to overheat after a simple 30 minute use or so, due to the low 366 MHz processor. The 256 Mb RAM allowed no room for multi tasking and made the tab experience sluggish and slow. The resistive touchscreen isn’t responsive and there is no room for additional 3rd party apps. Students also felt the need for a basic camera at the rear and front of the tablet.

The reports made Datawind to rework on the hardware of the aakash tablet and they have decidd to improve dome of the features of Aakash such as
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  • A 800 MHz processor instead of a 366 one
  • RAM to be increased from 256 MB to 1 GB
  • Plan to add a front Camera
  • Adding support for more applications

but there is still no report about will they be adding a capacitive touch input or will stick at resistive one.
Datawind has also announced that there will be probably no change in the price of device even ater upgradation of hardware.

The release date has been extended to February,2012. but still there is no guarantee that every one of us will be having a hands on the worlds cheapest tablet.


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