Thursday, January 5, 2012

GUIDE : How To Track Status of Aakash 2 aka Ubslate 7+Tablet Pre-Booking Order Id

how to track booking of my aakash tsblet

Many of us who have already booked their own aakash tablet must be eager to know when you all will be getting your aakash tablets in your hands. or some question like how can i track the status of my booking, or you must be getting mad with just a booking number in your hands. so we have come out with possible solution that how can we track our order for our aakash tab.

The ultra low-cost tablet Aakash a.k.a UbiSlate 7 has consistently made it to the headlines over the past few weeks. Recently, sales had hit a record 1.4 million pre-bookings, arguably becoming India’s most popular tablet so far. DataWind, the developer of the low-cost tablet, are going to set up three new factories in the country in order to meet the massive demand. The upgraded version of the Aakash tablet, UbiSlate 7+, has also sold out till February, and you may have to wait another few months to lay hands on the tablet.

The popularity of the Aakash tablet is indubitable. However, in our previous coverage of theAakash tablet, we had criticised DataWind’s evidently poor support system. A number of people are unable to locate their Aakash bookings or didn’t know how to cancel their bookings. Many users have also complained about delays in delivery. The revision of the tablet names - Aakash is now UbiSlate 7 and Aakash 2 is UbiSlate 7+ - has added to the confusion. Well, if you are also among the baffled Aakash enthusiasts, we have got a few pointers for you.
There are two official DataWind websites, dedicated to the Aakash tablets and features all the important information with regards to the Aakash a.k.a UbiSlate 7. If you want to check out the UbiSlate 7 specification details, click here.

The has all the details about the much-awaited Aakash 2 tablet. The website is more detailed as compared to the The UbiSlate site has details about the UbiSlate 7+ specifications, features and accessories.

Both the websites have DataWind’s helpline no. 1800-180-2-180.

Also, you can contact DataWind directly at their contact us page. All you have to do is fill up the basic information with your query. Visit DataWind’s contact us page here.

If you have booked your Aakash tablet through, you can contact them via their helpline number – 1800-103-3155. It’s notable that the helpline no. is open from 8am to 8pm.

Unfortunately, neither DataWind nor have any online tracking system for Aakash booking. Also, there is no e-mail support. Hopefully, DataWind works on overhauling its support system and ensure users are not left in lurch after booking the tablet.

If the above information does not help you get answers to your Aakash queries, try your luck at the comments section below:


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