Sunday, February 12, 2012

Google Chrome For Android Will Be The Default Browser For ICS 4.0 And All Upcoming Releses

Google might be late on their own platform, While Mozilla Firefox & Opera are already running over the android market from a while now. But it's better late then never. So finally Google has launched its Chrome on android market. Till now they are in beta, but it will not take much of time for them to release the stable version of chrome.

Well all the internet geeks love Chrome except some who still likes the Firefox, but majority of us are loving militaristic and fast interface of Google Chrome. This is what Google has introduced in it's mobile version of chrome. The Chrome Provides the Multi-Tab Experience, and it provide a great slide to switch tab experience.

Though The Chrome Beta is available in Android Market, But unfortunately it's only available for Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 users only. But Google has promised It to launch for previous versions android very soon.
Meanwhile Androidcampus team will be trying thier hands on cracked version compatible with 2.3 or 2.2.
While those having 4.0 ICS on their handsets can try it by downloading it from the link below
Back to today’s announcement, Chrome for Android is not a simplified version of Chrome or Chrome-lite. It is the full blow multi-process desktop browser, applied to the Android activity model for small devices. That includes things like advanced HTML5 features, GPU accelerated rendering, and Google’s V8 JavaScript engine optimized for Android.

“You should have your Chrome experience wherever you are,” says Arnaud Weber, Engineering Manager at Google.

Chrome for Android is based on Google Chrome version 16.0.915.75, one that is newer than the latest stable release for personal computers. Because Chrome for Android is pretty much the same browser that we see on desktops, we should expect updates from Google every six to eight weeks.

Now that companies like Google and Mozilla are filling in the gaps of the open web, we could see a true web operating system sooner than we think. Heck we could see a mobile device that boots to the web this month, but I think the actual transition of consumer devices will be much slower since the wireless carriers own everything and they hate changes that make them lose control.

But yeah, Chrome for Android is pretty awesome right now. I’m excited to see where this goes.


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