Tuesday, March 6, 2012


samsung galaxy s 2 official ics ice cream sandwich 4.0 update

A great news for Samsung Galaxy S II users, Now Samsung has officially announced that they will be releasing The official Android 4.0 ICS ( Ice Cream Sandwich ) update on this very month of march, to be very precise the updated will be live on 15'th  March 2012, The announcement has been made by them on their Facebook Israel page. But it is more likely to happen that Samsung will launch roll out Galaxy S 2 updated in phases. So it is expected that update will not be available for everyone at the same time. But don't worry Samsung will never make you wait longer for several month to update the S2. How ever if you one of the those who don't have any patience you have other way round doing it manually by flashing the ROM via Odin.

The update has been reveled by an Israeli Samsung Importer "Sunny Communications" Stating the release of Samsung galaxy S II 4.0 Rom on 15 March 2012. You can read what they say below

But We noticed that They instantly removed that post as soon as The news Started spreading, So they were forced to remove it form their page, because of this we cannot assure  you that the post was just a vague one or the real, we do not consider it as a official Statement from Samsung mobile.
but still we are waiting some good news to come and give us a reason to smile and enjoy the feeling of being using a great device.
Feel free to share your views below that how you will update the Samsung galaxy S II, Would you wait for official update, or will you be flashing  it via Odin ?


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