Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What Is A Good Alternative To Galaxy S3?

Smartphones have become a necessity these days and things seem incomplete without a smartphone now. There are many who are leaning towards buying a costly smartphone, as it is their belief that these afford them more features, and that is the reason why brands like Samsung are leading the smartphone market. Samsung has been the best selling manufacturer in terms of unit sales in the world and its Samsung Galaxy SIII was one of the hottest smartphones last year. It got an excellent sale and now, with the release of Galaxy S4, consumers will be once again interested in the SIII, as it has been heavily discounted. However, there are available a lot of alternatives in the mid-tier segment that offer similar, if not better in terms of features and utility. There are many handsets that give a good rivalry to SIII and here we will give a look and discuss briefly a few good alternatives that are available to this great smartphone.

Need of alternative:

Why is there a need of good alternatives to Galaxy SIII? This would be the first question that will pop up in your mind. There should always be a variety present in market, as this would increase the quality and decrease the prices. Most often, it is the design of the Galaxy SIII that gets criticized and this is a reason why most individuals seek other handsets. If you want something different from SIII, you can try HTC ONE X or Samsung Note II. These two handsets can be regarded as good substitutes to the Galaxy SIII.

HTC One X:

This is a high-end phone manufactured by HTC and it is one of the greatest smartphones of ‘One’ series launched by HTC. It has a 4.7-inch Corning Gorilla glass display which is almost equal in size to the Samsung SIII’s 4.8 inch display and that is why you will feel comfortable in adopting this set as the alternative as it will give equal feeling as holding a Galaxy SIII. The highlighted features of this phone are:

·       Operating system is Ice Cream Sandwich (version 4.0)
·       Upgradable to Jelly Bean (Version 4.1.1)
·       CPU is Quad-core 1.5 GHz processor
·       ULP GeForce GPU
·       8MP camera with auto focus
·       1.3 MP secondary camera
·       Li-Po 1800 mAh battery (non-removable)
·       Available in 16 or 32 GB internal memory options
·       Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass sensors

HTC One X is available at the same cost as the Galaxy SIII now, and seeing that it offers the same features, if not better, with a design that is breathtaking, we feel that this is a mobile that would be a better consideration than the slightly antiquated Galaxy SIII. HTC is looking to grow further in the Indian market, and with the launch of the HTC One this month, the cost of the One X will further reduce, making it more accessible to consumers who do not want to shell out considerable cash on a mobile.

Samsung Note II:

As name suggests, Samsung is the manufacturer and this handset is also a good alternative present to the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Because the same vendor manufactures both sets, you probably would find a lot of consistencies in both sets but if you try the Note II, you will find that it is refreshingly different from the Galaxy SIII. Samsung Note II is an amazing gadget that one should definitely try. The price is slightly higher as seen against the SIII but this handset is amazing, and is a trendsetter in its own way. There are many smartphones that are introduced by Samsung after the Note II but the charm of this great device is still alive. Let us give a look to its features:

·       Android operating system (Jelly bean) version 4.1.1
·       The operating system is upgradeable to 4.1.2 jelly Bean
·       The processor is better when seen against SIII, being quad core 1.6 GHz cortex-A9
·       Mali 400 MP GPU
·       5.5 inch display with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels
·       It supports multi touch
·       8MP camera with auto focus and LED flash
·       Battery is really powerful: Li-Ion 3100 mAh battery that gives a good backup
·       Available in 16, 32 and 64 GB internal storage options and RAM being 2 GB

By looking at the features, one can easily judge that the Note II is better than SIII and that is why it falls under a slightly higher price. But it can be a good alternative to Galaxy SIII because with a slight increase in price you get many better features. Also, with the Note III set to launch in the next 2 to 3 months, the Note II is also slated to get a decrease in the cost. A look at Samsung mobiles price list gives users an indication of the many segments that Samsung is targeting in the Indian market. With the S4, it is looking to contend in the high-end category, and with the likes of the SIII and Grand, it is consolidating itself in the mid-tier segment. Also, the Galaxy S Duos was one of the most selling dual-SIM budget Android mobile of last year. It is clear that Samsung is strengthening its wares in a bid to retain its crown as the number one manufacturer in the world


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