Thursday, September 19, 2013

Best accessories for the Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S4 is Samsung’s pride and joy. It has been flying off the shelves, so it’s to no surprise to see that there are also pretty cool accessories on the market. After all, if you can maximize its potential, why not do it? Here is a breakdown of a couple of accessories that caught our eye:

S Band
For those people obsessed with controlling the intake of calories, number of steps and distance covered, this accessory sounds like music to their ears. This fitness tracker wristband collects all this data and displays it on your phone through an app called S Health 2.0.

Game Pad
For those who find themselves en route a lot, but are gamers at heart and would love to spend countless hours playing with their console games, they will be happy to hear about this portable Bluetooth game pad, which looks suspiciously similar to an Xbox Game Pad. It connects with the smartphone through a docking system which keeps the two components firmly attached. This is gaming experience taken to a new level.

Wireless Charging Cover
This is the kind of futuristic accessory you wanted to have that time when you travelled to a foreign country and the voltage of your charger was incompatible with their standard. It’s a practical, classy device, not larger than your phone and it does the job simply by placing it where your battery is. 

Universal Suction Car Mount Kit  

This accessory might not rank too high on the “best accessories” list, but it surely is one of the most useful. By now, we all know how dangerous is to text and drive or to hold the phone in one hand and driving with the other. It’s a recipe for disaster and if you really need to use your phone, make sure you have this mount kit, which can be placed on your windshield or dashboard. It is hands free of course, so that you never have to take your hands off the steering wheel.

Philips Fidelio AS851 Android Speaker Dock with Bluetooth

If you love listening to crystal clear music from your Galaxy S4, you will go mad for the Philips Fidelio AS851, because this speaker dock connecting to your phone through Bluetooth offers an unmatched music listening experience. The music player incorporated in the phone is great by itself, but this wireless dock maximizes its potential. Just let your Galaxy S4 sync with it and you’re ready to go. It’s also practical for small-sized parties where you can’t afford bringing huge sound systems and equipment with you.

Heart Rate Monitor
Another accessory for the sport enthusiasts is this heart rate monitor, which records your ticking machine in real-time and sends the statistics straightly to your Galaxy S4.

Belkin Micra Folio Case
Here is an accessory meant to attract the attention of businessmen, because it gives you the option of storing credit or business cards in the pocket placed on the front cover. This case comes in black or red and apart from its stylish look, it also offers easy access in the back to all of the smartphone’s ports.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is highly customizable and if you already loved your phone the moment you bought it, these accessories will make it more indispensable to you than eve


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