Thursday, January 30, 2014

Can Android continue its momentum this year?


The Android ecosystem as a whole had a very busy 2013. A huge variety of products were launched ranging from the smartphones to tablets. The year also saw android venturing into new avenues like smart watches and gaming devices. A new version of Android was launched as well, known as KitKat. Let us take a peek at what lies in store for Android in 2014:

  • Influence of Google

Google has started to take more control over Android by decreasing the dependence on carriers like Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG. In 2013 itself, we saw the introduction of the Nexus line of smartphones launched by Google. The Google Play Store experience was wonderful as well. We can expect more of such products from Google in 2014.The fact that Google has introduced its apps in the Play Store will help them update the Android features more easily rather than waiting for the next Android release.

  • Updates on features

It was expected that Near Field Communication (NFC) would be widely accepted in 2013 itself, but it is still not mainstream. NFC is a standard for smartphones and devices alike, which helps them to communicate with each other by establishing radio communication. The advent of large screens and superfast CPUs has led to decreasing battery life in mobile phones. This would be a point where we can expect to see some developments in 2014 with an increase in the use of non-removable batteries. Certain phones like the Samsung Galaxy Round and the LG G Flex give us the hope of an interesting 2014.

  • New avenues

There is a lot to watch out for, as far as treading on new avenues is concerned, next year. Samsung will be leading the pack because of the huge resources at their disposal. In 2013 we saw an interesting feature of underwater photography in Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. Samsung promises to bring a lot of variety in the zoom feature across the various versions of Samsung Galaxy S5 in 2014. As far as the smart watch segment is concerned, we can expect to see a lot of new products released. Android became quite popular in the gamers’ circuit in 2013 with the Ouya, Nvidia Shield and Moga controllers being released. The mobile gaming industry is set to evolve and grow in the upcoming year. Gamers can play the games which they had earlier been playing on their couches even while they are on the move. The cost is expected to come down as well. Google Glass is something that can get a market release in 2014, having received a lot of traction in 2013.

  • Price

In the competitive market, manufacturers are looking at the low-end of the market and targeting the common mass. The increasing awareness among consumers about the latest developments is another reason the manufacturers are forced to control the price.

It would be fair to say that Android can definitely continue its momentum in 2014 as far as new and better products are concerned. However the interim period between new versions of the OS could be increasing. The future looks promising indeed.


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