Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors and release information


Even those people who are on team Apple know that the Samsung Galaxy S4 was an astonishing smartphone. This being said, the anticipation for the S5 couldn’t be higher and Samsung seems to be ready yet again to blow our socks off. In a way, the success of the S4 can be both a blessing and a curse – people will expect great things from the new release, but the new release might not be THAT great; after all the more you expect, the more it can disappoint. But let’s be positive.

While it has been said initially that the S5 will be unveiled during the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona in February, apparently it will have an event entirely dedicated to it in London, mid-march, meaning it could be on sale worldwide as soon as April.

No official image of the S5 is available yet, but @evleaks has released an image showing the phone’s menu and if we assume it’s the real deal, it will have a functionality resembling the Google Now system. The home screen displays a series of “smart cards” which change according to where the user is located or the things he is doing, offering relevant information for every person in particular. This would mean that the UI has been considerably improved, if not done from scratch altogether, taking the TouchWiz one step further.

As for the specs, all fingers point to the SamMobile website, which is responsible for the leak. While they need to be taken with a grain of salt, given the fact that more and more reports agree on the specifications, we suppose most of them will likely turn out to be true. To set the record straight, one thing you won’t see incorporated in the S5 is the iris scanner. Samsung decided to go with the fingerprint scanner instead and before you all start to scream that Apple already did that, it will probably differ by performing the scanning on screen instead of doing it through a home button like the iPhone 5S did.

Now, let’s go back to the rumors. They say Samsung S5 is looking to heavily improve its user interface and touch controller mechanisms, by working closely with a company which goes by the name Synaptics. This would result in an elevation of the accuracy and sensitivity of the phone.

Sanmobile revealed that the S5 will choose Apple’s approach, by releasing both metal and plastic case versions, priced at Rs. 68,000 and Rs. 55,000, respectively. Digging deeper into the specs, it looks like the S5 will feature an AMOLED display, at a resolution of 2560x1440 – all this packed in a screen of over 5 inches. While initially it has been said that the S5 will run on the fast-as-lightning processor Exynos 6 Snapdragon 805, chances are things will go down like it happened with the S4, released with a Snapdragon 600 and re-released afterwards with the improved 800.

The boost generated by a Snapdragon 805 would allow the handset to run on 64bit, but in case we’ll see this upgrade, it will probably be available only for the expensive metal version. As for the RAM, some websites claim it will have 4GB, while the rest go a bit lower, at 3GB. The logical assumption is that all these components will run with the latest KitKat OS.

Something interesting about the camera is that it will have a 16MP sensor, and that is according to the Korean website ET News. 20MP sensors are also being developed for Samsung’s flagship phones. So will it be 16 or 20? Not that 16 would be a bad thing, but the 20MP sensor would also include optical image stabilization technology (OIS). The OIS would significantly reduce the shaking and blur which might occur when you’re taking a picture with your phone. Don’t get your hopes up though, since the required suspension mechanisms will probably not arrive in time for the Galaxy S5’s launch. But one can hope.

Another rumor suggests that the S5 might be ready to take video chats to the next level, through a Multi-Party Video Conference which would not only allow them to simultaneously video chat to more people at once, but also to use both the rear and front camera. Such a patent would make the phone even more business-oriented.

The S5 rumors have been circulating like crazy, from the eye-scanner to the 4k display. While nothing is sure until the Samsung officials confirm it, if at least half of the speculations will turn out to be true, consider us to be happy customers. Samsung has to deliver and it knows it.


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