Saturday, June 11, 2011

[NEWS] Rovio Will Be Launching Angry Birds cookbook full of egg recipes

Android users have been trying to save the Angry Birds’ eggs from those evil green pigs since October of last year. It’s been no easy task, but it seems those eggs just keep disappearing! Could it be we might switch sides soon and join the evil green piggies?
That just may be the case! Rovio has just announced at Open Mobile Summit in London that an Angry Birds recipe book is on the way. Seems interesting, right? But will it sell? Well, Rovio is selling toys, clothing and other accessories with far less functionality than a cookbook.

Angry Birds has definitely earned its name, and slapping that name on the front of an egg recipe book might bring massive sales. It might also aid parents in teaching their kids how to cook, since this book would surely catch their attention!

As you may expect, said cookbook will contain recipes based on the birds’ offspring, eggs. This recipe book will come in the form of an e-book app as well as a printed version. What do you guys think? Buying one of these?


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