Saturday, June 11, 2011

Motorola’s Android experience loses its name; Let the new Motoblur come

Android phones with MOTOBLUR might be the first with social skills, but they don’t seem to be making a lot of friends. Motorola confirmed yesterday what we’ve been hearing for a while: the MOTOBLUR name is gone for good.
As you probably already knew, Motorola and Sprint announced a couple of high-end Android devices yesterday. There were talks of 4G speeds, qHD displays and dual-core processors. But the name MOTOBLUR was absent from all press releases. Since the company won’t come out and say the MOTOBLUR name is dead, we’ll go ahead and do it for them. Rest in peace, MOTOBLUR.

This doesn’t mean that Motorola’s customized version of Android is gone, though. It just doesn’t have a name now. The Motorola Photon 4G , for example, will launch with Motorola’s own user interface and experience. We’re calling it GhostBlur until Motorola gives it a new name. You’re welcome to come up with a new name and post it below. If we like it, we’ll change GhostBlur to yours. So, go ahead and unleash your river of creativity upon our comments section.


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