Friday, July 8, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II still not available in the U.S. – Motorola to blame?

Samsung Galaxy S II still not available in the U.S. – Motorola to blame?

The Samsung Galaxy S II has been one of the most anticipated devices of the year since its announcement at Mobile World Congress. When the device was first released in Korea, it was expected to soon reach more than 120 markets. Many parts of the world are getting this device, but it’s been more than 2 months since it was released and still no luck for the U.S.

The U.S. has seen the Galaxy S II pop up here and there; even our neighbors in Canada have it set for release in less than a month. Why is it that we’re still waiting around? As the largest mobile phone market (coupled with the high popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S line of phones), you’d expect Samsung and U.S. carriers to rush this device to the market. According to the Korean Chosun Ilbo, American carriers are not as interested in the Samsung Galaxy S II because of Motorola’s phones, which “work best with CDMA networks.”
This leads us to believe Samsung has been having issues with Verizon and/or Sprint, the two major CDMA networks in the U.S. But, what about AT&T and T-Mobile? These two major American carriers use GSM technology, and it doesn’t seem they’re getting this device soon, either.
Negotiations with American telecom companies have dragged.ExecutiveSamsung Electronics
It is highly doubtful carriers are “dragging” negotiations due to companies like Motorola. The Samsung Galaxy S II is a stunning device with some of the best specs we’ve seen in any smartphone. If you ask us, this delay is more likely due to the Galaxy S line of phones phenomena. All carriers not only want a phone with their own radios, but one with a different look and feel, like we saw with the original Galaxy S line of devices (Captivate, Fascinate, Vibrant, Epic). Manufacturing different devices for every carrier cannot be an easy task.
The mobile technology industry moves fast, and we’d like to see this device arrive in the U.S. soon before it gets left in the dust by newer, stronger devices that will surely be coming later this year. Maybe it would be too hard to get this phone to our CDMA carriers. But why not give some Galaxy S II love to AT&T and/or T-Mobile customers in the meantime?
Just to get a better idea of what the Samsung Galaxy S II demand is like in the U.S., how many of you are waiting for this bad boy? Will you skip on it if it takes too long to get here? Would you go through the trouble of importing one? Let us know what you think, and let’s hope Samsung and our carriers get their act together soon!


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