Friday, August 26, 2011


Shocked ?? have you ever think about it ? have even search how to run android application on Blackberry ? Do you have a Blackberry Playbook ? have you ever wanted to play those amazing android games on you blackberry smartphone or playbook ? If yes your wish is not too far and if no i don't think you would not be happy after reading that.

According to our reports we have come to know that RIM is planing to incorporate application designed  for android  smartphones to its new lineup of blackberry smartphone. according to the bloomberg report blackberry new QNX software will be compatible  with Android platform. the new QNX based devices will be launching in early 2012 most probably in Q1 or Q2, and RIM has also announced the upgrade for blackberry playbook users which will make the playbook also capable of using android apps, This playbook might launch near end of Q4 this year.

RIM's new QNX software is aimed at revamping the “aging” BlackBerry portfolio and its “narrowing” selection of apps. It's notable that there are nearly 250,000 apps in Google's Android Market, which is about six times more than RIM's App World. The abundance of apps played a key role in making Android the world's top smartphone platform.

“Being able to run Android apps, that’s a big plus,” Bloomberg quotes Steven Li, a Raymond James Ltd. analyst in Toronto. “If you get the tonnage of Android apps and the top 50 apps through BlackBerry’s App World, that addresses many of the concerns people have about RIM’s ecosystem.”

All this initiative is being done by blackberry to prevent its continuous market share. both Apple and Android have significantly decreased the market share of both blackberry and Nokia symbian platform phones. The company's global smartphone market share fell to 12 percent in the second quarter from 19 percent a year earlier. And in the same period, Apple's market jumped to 18 percent from 14 percent, while Android witnessed a whopping 43 percent growth.

Source : Think Digit


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