Sunday, September 11, 2011

Android Jelly Bean 4.0,Might Be The Next Version of Android After Ice Cream Sandwich

Google has a tradition of naming Android versions after desserts. Ice Cream Sandwich is currently one of the hottest topics, as it’s the version we are all waiting for at the moment. It’s the Android version that will democratically unite tablet and smartphone software into one.

Due to the fact that ICS will be such a huge jump, we’ve not stopped to think about what Google will name the next Android version. If we follow the tradition, it should be a dessert starting with the letter J. We’ve heard a few assumptions, like “Jello,” but according to Thisismynext’s sources, it will be called “Jelly Bean.”

It’s still unknown what number will come attached with it. That’s not surprising, as we don’t even have confirmation that ICS will actually be Android 4.0. This continues to be a rumor, and we probably won’t know much about Android “Jelly Bean” for a while.

The same sources also mentioned that “Jelly Bean” will actually include some “game-changing stuff” that was originally meant for ICS. It is still unknown what these features will include, but we hope Ice Cream Sandwich was not stripped down too much.

For now, we will have to focus more on Ice Cream Sandwich. But we certainly have room for Jelly Bean in the back of our heads. Some speculation couldn’t hurt, either. Do you guys think the following Android version will actually be called Jelly Bean? What other names can you come up with? And what could these “game-changing” features removed from ICS possibly be?

According a second source from Thisismynext, Jelly Bean is actually one of the proposed names for the Android version after Ice Cream Sandwiche. It seems like the final name has not yet been decided by Google, but there aren’t many other dessert names that start with the letter “J.” What do you guys think could be other options?

source: ThisIsMyNext


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