Friday, November 25, 2011

3 Reasons Why an Indian Should Not Go For Apple iPhone 4S Instead of Android Superphone

iPhone 4s vs android

Apple Inc. Recently Launched It's iPhone 4S few weeks back and it's already available in most of the Countries Including India where It recently showed up officially in the market. Whereas it has been already launched on various network across the globe within last few week. The sad Thing is that iPhone has launched as almost as four times costly then it has launched in U.S. ($199). Though People were having too much excitement before it's launch but when it got hands in of the consumers, All the Excitement for finished as it didn't stood as people were expecting from Apple.
We accept the fact that when iPhone 4 was launched after iPhone 3GS, the phone became A dream come true for the apple fans as the phone was having drastic difference which made a lot of people happy, but same is not true for iPhone 4S as the phone came up whit minor changes Which were not too much enjoyed by the public. Considering the initial market response, the iPhone 4S seems unlikely to excite the India buyers in the near future. However, is it just the steep pricing of the iPhone 4S that is going to keep the buyers at bay? Let's find out:

1) Price Point :
As Now most of the people know iPhone 4S has shattered the dreams of Every iPhone enthusiast  because of it's Launch price. I should tell you that even the lowest model of iPhone 4S 16GB is Launched at a Price point of Rs. 44500 and The top most model iPhone 4S 32GB comes with a whooping price point of Rs.50900. Even The fact is that India is one of the largest Smartphone market in World Apple didn't even thought once before launching it at this costly price point. In a Country Such As India it's still not practical to shell out 45k mobile device. This price point has made it a dream of a normal individual by falling itself in luxurious category. Rather we should think 2 latest Android smartphones which are Samsung Galaxy Nexus  and Motorola Droid RAZR. which are a lot cheaper then iPhone 4S and and have way more features then it. both phones lies around 32000 price point.

2) Not Much Difference Between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S :
iPhone 4S Does not come packed with a lot much difference from it's predecessor, Even though it has a faster dual core ARM Cortex A9 Processor, and a 8 Mega Pixel Full HD camera, But rest Things are same as it were in iPhone 4. Forget Siri, As it is not mend to work outside U.S. so forget that android robot which can recognize only People living in America. and the remaining things are same which were in iPhone 4 like same screen size, and same body design. So there is no sense in buying a phone for 45k just for a dual core processor and a 8 Mega Pixel Camera.

3) Battery Life Issues
Apple launched it's iOS 5 with it's iPhone 4S, which people are reporting that the os has battery life issue. the phone cannot even stand few hours. the battery life is miserable. Though Apple is going to Launch update the battery fix but according to us it wont impact too much as the phone comes built in with dual core processor and Apple has Build the Device with 1450 mAh Battery which might no be enough for supporting long battery life. Rather Apple fans should think once about buying Android smartphone which are coming with Even 1700 mAh battery these days and supporting longer life even after having bigger and brighter display's.

Alternative top end Android devices
One of the biggest reasons for switching to android world is that android platform gives you the flexibility to choose from number of handsets available in the market according to you budget, needs and  preferences. So we have various options for you which can give you experience which is more better of likely to be same as of iPhone 4S. So we recommend you  to have a look on phones like Samsung Galaxy S2, Or recently launched Motorola Droid RAZR, And you can also plan about buying Samsung Glaxy Nexus which features Ice Cream Sandwich and it's just few days away from it's launch in india, all these phones are just around price point of Rs. 30,000 which is almost Rs.15,000 less from iPhone 4S and give you more better experience then it. If your budget is low you can go for Samsung Galaxy SL I9003, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, Xperia Neo, Lg Optimus 2x or newly Launched Motorola Defy+ , All these Phones are in bracket of Rs.18,000 to 24,000. and they can even give you a better experience Then iPhone 4S.

If you are still crazy to get iPhone 4S then we can just say you go and buy a Factrory unlocked device from Abroad Which Will cost's you around Rs.35,000 which would be much cheaper then buying it form India, But Remember that If you get it shipped from outside india it would not be liable for the warranty in India.


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