Monday, May 14, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos or Micromax A75 : Which Dual Sim smartphone to Buy?

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos or  Micromax A75
If you have been a dual sim feature phone user and you have just decided to make the switch into the latest crop of smartphones you will often find yourself facing a difficult choice. Chuck one of your 2 Sims or face the old hurdle of carrying two smartphones. Thankfully the mobile manufacturers have identified your needs early and have come out with a few promising smartphones with dual sim capability. The latest to join the list is Samsung with its Samsung Galaxy Y duos and Samsung Ace Duos smartphones. However one of the oldest players in India for the dual sim smartphone has been Micromax with its Micromax A75 Superfone, which boasted of amazing specs as well as a Dual Sim. Which one should you choose: the big brand Samsung Galaxy Y duos or Micromax A75? Let’s take a look

  • UI, OS and Hardware
Both phones run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread Operating System, both catering to the same users but have a lot of technological differences. While Samsung Galaxy Y duos is powered by a humble 832MHz processor with 300MB of RAM while Micromax A75 is powered by a 650MHz processor with 256 MB RAM. Samsung Galaxy Y clearly pulls more punch in the processing power department and features the Samsung’s Touch wiz UI, while Micromax A75 features the default Android UI.
For Android users the screen size holds a lot of importance if they intend to use it for games and creating spreadsheets etc. Micromax A75 offers a bigger screen of 3.75 inches with a resolution of 320* 480 pixels as compare to Samsung Galaxy Y duos which has a screen of 3.15 inches and a resolution 320*240 pixel.

  • Camera and Multimedia
Micromax A75 sports a primary camera of 3.0 Megapixels as well as a front facing VGA camera. Samsung galaxy Y Duos on the other hand has a 3.2 MP camera and lacks a front camera. For those particular about Video calling, Samsung’s missing out on front camera is a big let-down. However, the primary camera is of higher quality and come with features such as geo-tagging.

  • Connectivity
A massive part of the features which appeals more to the users is the availability of 3G. Both the phones are 3G and Wifi enabled but Micromax A75 has a front VGA camera making it very easy for the users to do video calls, a feature only available in 3G phones. The Samsung Galaxy Y Duos runs on 3G on both SIMs while Micromax A75 runs 3G only on the primary SIM.
  • Battery
For some travel-loving users the battery life appeals to a great deal. Samsung Galaxy Y Duos has 1200mAh battery with talk time up to 17 h (2G) / 6 h 20 min (3G) and Micromax A75 has 1300 mAh with up to 5 hours of talk time. Clearly Galaxy Y Duos has greater power utilization despite having a lighter battery.
  • Pricing and Brand Value
Micromax A75 is understandably the lower priced option with just a price tag of Rs 7990 while SamsungGalaxy Y duos price is at Rs 8475. Samsung Galaxy Y Duos has a lot going for it despite a higher price and with a superior brand value and better perceived service; you may not feel bad investing an extra Rs 500 for the Dual Sim phone.

What should you buy : The final Verdict ?
Head to head comparison shows that Samsung Galaxy Y Duos stands taller than Micromax A75 mainly in the processor speed, Camera size and the fact that it runs 3G on both SIM. Micromax has a bigger screen and comes with a secondary (front facing) camera. Samsung Galaxy Y Duos is slightly more costly than the Micromax A75, however considering the higher brand value and greater features, the phone should ideally be the one you should go for.


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