Friday, May 11, 2012

HTC One X VS IPhone 4S Both Goes Head To Head

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is already being talked about and well awaited for by a considerable number of fans. The same goes for smart phone fans who are eagerly awaiting the next Apple installment; iphone5. Both phones are ready to go out into the battlefield but the HTC One X has now also stepped up as a potential contender. It has been predicted to out debut both phones in the United States and has already taken the title of being the most impressive smart phone currently declared in the market.

Going through its features, one really can’t fail to understand why this is so. But despite the fact that it is a next generation phone(and theoretically should stand on its own), it still has to compete with the previous year’s most successful devices. So should one stick to a reliable and sturdy iPhone 4S or move onto the latest HTC has to offer, the HTC One X? Before jumping onto the HTC bandwagon, let’s see what HTC really has to offer.

Upfront, both the HTC One X and the iPhone 4s are excellent phones. The comparison may not match generation wise but in terms of efficiency and quality, at first look it’s a mind boggling choice. But nonetheless, the HTC takes the win though admittedly by a small shot. It beats the iPhone 4S in some arguable but integral places. Starting off, it has better data speeds than the iPhone 4s. Thanks to the HSPA+, and in some places even the LTE support it gains from some markets, its users can enjoy higher speed data transfers.

More than that it has a more powerful microchip set. It contains a Tegra 3 quad-core and dual-core Snapdragon S4. Both these chips are higher rated then what the iPhone 4S has to offer. Also, it runs at a higher frequency of 1.5 GHz. The phone supports its hardware by running it with the help of a 1GB Ram and a 1800mAh battery which outsizes both the RAM and battery on the iPhone by a huge margin. The iPhone 4S has only a 512MB Ram and a 1420mAh battery. So size does matter.

Now that we have gone through what counts so much on the inside, let’s talk about the external features. Again, the HTC refuses to compromise on size. It hosts a large display for all your seeing needs with a 4.7 inch Super LCD. Other than assuring easy viewing it gives the phone a flashy feel too, so if you have one there’s no way you can avoid flaunting it. The screen resolution is also considerable at 1280x720 pixels. The brilliance in the design of this phone is that though it focuses on the ‘bigger is better’ mantra, it manages to keep itself a light carry. It under weighs the iPhone 4s and weighs just about 130g, surprising yet pleasing. Next is the camera. The HTC presents us with a higher megapixel camera too. The iPhone 4S only has a o.3MP as compared to HTC’s 1.3MP. So all in all, bigger, sharper, flashier. The HTC oneX has advantages, both inside and out, over the iPhone 4S. But that doesn’t mean that the iPhone is going down without a fight. It too has advantages over the HTC if one chooses to consider them. Perhaps it’s safer to say that the iPhone still can appeal to those long time users who deem it their comfort phone in the realm of new and dynamic technology. Nonetheless, for those who refuse to compromise on anything and will always forego familiarity in the name of improvement, no matter how minor, HTC One X comes out the winner.


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