Monday, July 9, 2012

[APP] CrowdCall : Make Absolutely Free Phone To Phone Calls From Your Smartphone To over 42+ Counties Including India, U.S. Canada and Others

If you are an Android or Apple iPhone user then you are a lucky person to have The CrowdCall App for your phone. This app allows you to call any number or make a conference call to multiple number for free without any using even a single penny from you mobile or your credit/debit card balance ( condition: you should be from those 42 counties listed for free calls, YES all major and big countries are in the list), if your country is not in the list you can pay as low as 5 cents per minutes ( 2.75 paisa/minutes ).

This App is not like all other apps and service like other which provide you services of internet to internet call which need both the parties to have an app installed on their phone and internet active all the time to receive calls anytime and neither does this app is like other voip services like skype to phone service which calls to the other parties via internet in which one end needs a pc or internet based voip app on their mobile/pc installed and also it does charge you something for calls.

Rather this app works on other technology it does not require any other parties to have any app installed or internet active on their phone. All you have to do is install this app on your phone and enter the phones numbers of any number of people you want to call, after that just press the call button. now the app will send this info to its server , and thats it, this is all the internet you need for call. now when the info reaches the server immediately all call will come to your phone number after you receive i you have to press 1 on your mobile, after that the server will call all other numbers and then they will receive the call and the call will be initiated between  2 or more then 2 parties.

The most interesting thing about this service is that it doesn't require much of internet ( all it want is a internet connection for 2 seconds/ few bytes so that it can tell server to make calls to both ends ) also another great part of this app is that when the another party receives the call they see your number calling them instead of some other international number so that they can pick your call. Moreover this kind app is hard to find which can make a conference call to more then 3 numbers for free.

Though the CrowdCall app is free in most of the countries but to cll in some countries you need to pay a very little amount of money almost next to free. But free thins comes with some limitations like the call is having voice delays in countries like India, because the server of connection between people are situated in another countries. but in the great price of free some limitations are bearable.

You can Download The Crowdcall app absolutely free on Google Play and Apple iTunes store and start making call right away.

You can also use this app on pc if you don't have any of the above smartphone by just installing a simple PC software called bluestacks which can emulate android application on a computer then you can install this app on bluestacks and use to make phone calls, in bluestacks when you install this app you can enter your number as your real phone number then it will make calls from your phone even though it does not have the app on it.

If you need to check whether or not the application is free in your country then you can check for the list of counties listed on their official website here

Hey readers I am
extremely sorry that i was not able to update my blog from quite a few days as i am busy on some other project of a new technology blog which will also cover android phones. hope you like the app and give it a try yourself. Please share your experience about this app below in the comments.


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