Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Camera ZOOM FX Review

Camera ZOOM FX is a must have app for all the Android lovers who have a passion for experimental photo clicks. No doubt this is the only reason which has led this application to be one of the highest rated Camera apps in the Google Android Play store Arena.
Camera ZOOM FX Promo

It comes with Circular zoom wheel (Digital 4X Zoom), Full screen shutter added with multiple animated skin packs to suite your device theme and personality. Let us take an inside look at this Android camera app.

Latest Version

The latest version of Camera ZOOM FX as of 24/07/2012 is – 3.5.2 apk.

Supporting Android Versions

The program runs flawlessly for Android version 1.5 and higher.

Interface and Design

The interface is very user friendly with all necessary functions available directly under the menu tab. You can toggle between functions with just a click and get ready to shoot a new image within a few seconds.

Camera ZOOM FX Features

Camera ZOOM FX features image
Most camera apps have features which are not meant for any practical use and they just sit idle after a few days. Well, this app is all packed with multiple features with loads of practical significance. The normal mode better is better than the inbuilt default android camera app. Some of the attached features to this mode are – Distort, Frame effects, Color changer, Mirror effect and Artistic mode to add splendid effects to the captured image.
It offers 4x digital zoom and the image rendered is not that distorted and good for 1280X1024 viewing mode in desktop and laptops.  After you have captured taking the pictures, the quick settings mode has some beautiful mask effects for your refreshment. You can add the image with a celebrity, change shutter skins and many other funny adjustments – something you won’t find on other apps.

Other Effects

Other added features include “White balance”, “Stable shot”, “Night mode”, “Auto focus” and Burst mode capable of taking pictures up to 1 min.

Review Video

You can check out this excellent Video review of Camera ZOOM FX available at YouTube:


Camera Zoom FX is available at Android Play Store for $2.99. The price is same for all countries including US, UK, India and Europe.


You can use this direct link to buy and download this amazing app from the official Google Play Store.


Being a very sceptical android user I tried to make it crash and capture images in weird conditions but it never failed to prove its worth. Definitely deserves 4.7 out of 5.


If your phone is an old trash can, you can download this apk file for your device and utilize it as a camera (if it has a minimum of 5 Mega Pixel Lens). To cut the topic short, we will definitely suggest you to get this application and check out the fun it provides. You can also check out this list of Best Camera Apps for android.


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