Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What do we know about the Galaxy S4 Mega?

After the grand success story of Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung is now allegedly working on its recent model known as the Galaxy S4 Mega. Recently, Samsung has released a new update for its WatchON TV control which will let Galaxy Mega 6.3 and Galaxy S4 users control their TVs through the infrared ports that are there in the S4 and other hardware that will be launched later this year. The change log of WatchON mentioned that, “added update for upcoming S4 Mini, S4 Mega and S4 Active”.

There are strong assumptions regarding the launch of Galaxy S4 Active, Galaxy S4 Mini and Galaxy S4 Mega in next couple of weeks and it is rumored that these amazing masterpieces will hit retail stores in the month of June. Though the news is not 100% confirmed from Samsung, the recent support update from company is almost like a confirmation. In terms of design, it is expected that Galaxy S4 Mega will be in line with Mega 6.3 or Mega 5.8 which were launched a few weeks before. However, in terms of technical specification, Galaxy S4 Mega may be similar to Samsung Galaxy S4.

There is limited information available about the hardware, software and other technical specifications of Samsung Galaxy S4 Mega. However, the smartphone is more likely to come with similar technology, like the Octa-core Exynos 5 processor which was observed in Galaxy S4. The only vital difference which one can observe is that Samsung may go for a bigger screen of 6.3 inches for the Galaxy S4 Mega.

So, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mega will be nothing but a tablet with all the smartphone features loaded. The device may have 1920 X 1080 HD resolution with the additional functionality of widescreen view. Galaxy S4 Mega might be packed with on-storage capacity of 16GB or 8GB with a memory card slot which can be expanded to storage capacity of 64GB. The smartphone is rumored to have dual core mobile processor of 1.7 GHz with of 2 GB of RAM, although there Is likely going to be a variant that comes with Exynos. Light sensor, proximity sensor and accelerometer are some other common features which may be loaded with Galaxy S4 Mega. The device may house AMOLED capacitive display with Corning Gorilla Glass coating.

Though holding such a big device in your hands won’t be that easy, it will definitely look cool. Watching videos and browsing internet will be real fun on this device. Galaxy S4 Mega is assumed to be another variant which will be added to recent flagship of Samsung’s smartphone series. It may feature front camera of 2 megapixel while rear camera of 13 megapixel which is very similar to Galaxy S4. But considering its large size, Galaxy S4 Mega may come with a very powerful battery to give long lasting backup to users.

The recent round of multiple rumors demonstrates that Samsung really wants to please users who want to have a smartphone with the name Galaxy S4 in it. The company is going to serve their purpose by launching extended series of Galaxy S4 devices. Samsung has already done this last year with its mid-range smartphone called as Galaxy S3 Mini.  According to the sources, Galaxy S4 Mega might be designed as a hybrid device which will integrate the unique features of Galaxy S4 and some other mega devices of Samsung. However, considering the fact that these devices were also released just few weeks before it is interesting to see what surprising features Galaxy S4 Mega will bring for smartphone users.

Though there is hardly any detailed information available on this smartphone, screenshots released definitely confirm its existence. It also demonstrates that Samsung hasn’t revealed these hints about Galaxy S4 Mega accidently. With the availability of just few screenshots, Galaxy S4 Mega has become one of the most-awaited devices in the mobile industry today. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mega price in India should be around Rs 40,000.


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