Thursday, June 13, 2013

Is this the 6.4-inch Sony Togari?

If there is an award for the leaked gadget of the year, then here is a highly deserving nomination. The image tweeted by Dahny El Perro who alleges that the large black device featured in the image is nothing but Sony’s upcoming Togari. The image also features some other devices such as the HTC M4 and Nokia Lumia 1030. However, Nokia has already declared that this is just a hoax and it doesn’t have any plans to make such a device. On the other hand, HTC and Sony haven’t given any comments after the leak of this image.

Sony Togari looks like a bigger Xperia Z. According to few rumors which are hovering around the Internet, Togari may feature a larger display of 6.44 inch which may make it look like almost a tablet. Apart from its large size, the display is assumed to be of 1080p.

The device looks like it is continuing the OmniBalance design that Sony is including across all its devices launched this year. Considering the angel of the image, we can suspect that this device is going to be large but again it is difficult to tell exactly how large it is. After scrutinizing the image in meticulous way we can surely figure out some difference between this featured device and Xperia Z. It also appears that there is a speaker at the very bottom of this phone but these are just our visual guesses which may turn into a reality or may not. 

Togari will be Sony’s response to devices in the market such as Galaxy Note, Galaxy Mega and other offering launched by LG. Togari may feature camera of 13 megapixel with Exymor RS sensor, IR blaster and NFC. Sony may announce this device during September at IFA or at CES in the month of January. Although it would be to Sony’s advantage if it launches the device at the same time Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note III.

Togari may be powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 600/800 chipset, 2GB of RAM and should otherwise include the latest hardware. What can be concluded from the leak is that the phablet market will be definitely overcrowded this year. Previously, Galaxy Note was dominating this segment but with rumors giving hints that LG, HTC, and now Sony intend to launch their wares in this segment.


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