Monday, December 9, 2013

Best stylus for Android devices

If you are using a touch screen device like an Android tablet or smart-phone, a stylus is one of those important and highly useful things you need tor have. Using a stylus with you smart-device offers several benefits. Few of these are

-       It helps to keep the screen of your mobile device cleaner and look more beautiful.
-       It lets you use your smart mobile device even while wearing gloves
-       It makes your device more convenient to use particularly with artistic applications like drawing, painting, scribbling notes, and more.

A stylus is a simple yet powerful device that offers great power and convenience at your fingertips. It acts as an additional layer between your fingers and the screen. Usually, it is made from a special metal or foam to make writing and drawing as easy as possible for you. Buying the best stylus for your android device is not an easy task. Here are few things to keep in mind while buying the best stylus for your Android device

-          Sensitivity ofstylus is the first and foremost thing to consider. A stylus that isn’t sensitive enough for your Android device is likely to irritate you more than making the use of the Android device convenient. Further, the quality of drag or rubbing the stylus is also important to consider particularly if you’re using it to draw on your Android device.

-          The measurements of the stylus like its length would influence the way you utilize it for your phone or tablet. A very short stylus can be complex to use on a large screen.

-          How accustomed you are to the use of stylus also decides the particular type of stylus you should buy. It depends on you whether you want a pellet point pen like stylus or you need a stylus just like your painting brush. You can also choose a stylus featuring a clip to ensure that you don’t lose or damage this powerful device.

-          Durability of the stylus pen is yet another deciding factor when choosing the ideal stylus for your device. It should be able to withstand any pattern of usage whether for small shifts during the day or for longer durations but less repeatedly.

Here are the top 10 stylus available for Android devices:

  1. Samsung S Pen
  2. Incipio Inscribe Stylus
  3. Samsung S Pen Stylus
  4. Incipio Inscribe Executive Stylus and Pen
  5. Griffin Technology Stylus
  6. Incipio Inscribe Dual Stylus and Pen
  7. Just Mobile AluPen
  8. Targus Stylus
  9. Ten One Design Pogo Sketch
  10. Just Mobile AluPen Pro

Pick a stylus that best suits your phone and offers good compatibility. Besides, there also are several third party suppliers offering affordable and reliable styluses along with the apps that utilize them. The apps that come along are either cheap or free of cost. You can also create a customized stylus by choosing a reliable manufacturer. 


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