Thursday, December 5, 2013

Android 5 Ladoo: What will the next version of Android be called?

Do you know that Indians want Google to name the next version of their Android software as Android 5 Ladoo? The announcement that Google has named its latest version of Android software as Android KitKat has given rise to a discussion on what will be the name for the next version of Android.

The web is full of punters who have their own versions of what Google will name its next version of Android. When so much is happening out there, how can you expect India to keep quiet? After all, we are a country that has given the science of astrology to this world but astrology has nothing to do with Google Android. However, it is due to the popularity and goodwill that Google been receiving from a huge population of India that Indians want Google to name the next version of Android as Android 5 Ladoo.

Another strong reason behind the plea of Indians to Google to name next Android version as Android Ladoo is the fact that Google is solely dependent on sweets when it comes to naming different versions of Android. This is clearly evident from the Android versions they have named so far. It started with Android Cupcake followed by Android Donut, and they released other versions in similar fashion naming them as Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, honeycomb, Ice cream Sandwich, and Android KitKat being the latest.

While some are rooting for naming the new update as Ladoo, some others have a different name suggestion all together. India’s most prestigious Indian Institute of Technology is requesting Google to name it as “lassi” while a group of Indian tech startups want the Google to name it as Android 5 Ladoo. Ladoo is an Indian sweet while lassi is a yogurt based refreshing drink. Given the popularity of the ‘ladoo’ in India, it does seem that the sweet will find more takers than the drink.

The seriousness of Android naming issue can be judged from the fact that students from IIT Kharagpur have written an open letter to Google’s Sundar Pichai, who hails from India and knows better about both Lassi and Ladoo. In this request letter, Indians have argued about their support to Android operating system and this is why they want Google to use an Indian dessert to name the upcoming version of the Android software. As Sundar is an alumni of IIT Kharagpur, students have also requested Sundar Pichai on grounds of taste and love he shares for the Indian Ladoo and lassi.

The one thing that everybody has forgotten is the fact that Google is moving fast towards corporatization of Android naming ceremonies in the near future. So, there are good chances that Google will come up with a special ‘L’ named product just to name their next Android version and keep the Android Frenzy going.

That’s for the Indian backing to having the Google Android 5 ‘Ladoo’. You can also extend your support and request Google to name the next Android update as Android 5 Ladoo by joining and becoming an active member of Android Ladoo Campaign.


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