Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Best lesser-known games on Android


Here is a quick roundup of some highly popular games available on the Android platform currently. While everyone is aware of Angry Birds or Subway Surfers, there are a few games that aren’t that well-known, but are still very interesting nevertheless. With a list so interesting, mind boggling and extensive, sifting through the collection and selecting some of the best amongst them, has been really tough. You can enjoy high quality gameplay and a truly immersive gaming experience on your Android mobile or tablet, with some of these handpicked games that will keep you busy for long hours.

Virtual City Playground:

For those who loved city building games such as SimCity and Megapolis, here is a similar simulation game from Electronic Arts that will deliver long hours of gameplay. The game starts out with an empty level field on which players have to construct an entire city. From constructing simple residential buildings, the player then gradually creates an entire city filled by raising over 165 buildings which include schools, hospitals, shopping malls, fire stations and many more. During the 330 quests that a player has to complete, he/she must make neighbours and friends, visit their cities, give a helping hand in their tasks to earn gifts, rewards, coins and achievements.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Winner of the 2013 Best Mobile Game at the Spike VGX Awards, Plants vs. Zombies 2 has been termed as an instant classic. This sequel to the highly successful action-strategy adventure game titled Plant vs. Zombies, invites the player to join the protagonist Crazy Dave on a mind boggling adventure where he/she will encounter and defeat entire legions of zombies. The weapons of zombie destruction include powerful new plants that must be supercharged with healthy doses of special plant food. Protect your brain as you wage a war with the unstoppable zombies.

F18 Carrier Landing

Designed for those who have always dreamt of flying a real fighter jet, the F18 Carrier Landing is a tough one to play. As a pilot of the F18 Carrier, the player must fly to distant bases where he/she will have to successfully land the airplane. While it is relatively easy to take off, the real trick lies in landing the plane. Players are sent on photo-reconnaissance missions while navigating the fighter at low altitudes. The game offers five fighter planes for free while players can purchase three more with real money.

Ice Age

Based on the movie Ice Age, Ice Age Village game is equally enjoyable. Enter the pristine environs of the Ice Age Village where Scrat, the adorable sabre-toothed squirrel hunts for his favourite acorn that is responsible for cracking up the earth’s crust. With all the animals scurrying for safety, the equally delightful Sid, Diego, Manny and Ellie set out to create a new haven for their exiled friends. Join them on their mission and help them rebuild a new village. Experience the Ice Age with these lovable animals. With plenty of fun and surprises coming your way, Ice Age Village also requires the player to play mini-games, fulfil daily quests and missions to win prizes, meet with new animal species, unique decorations, unusual buildings and plenty more exciting things and also ensure that the village is bustling with interesting activities.


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