Sunday, March 25, 2012

Around Sound: Smart Apps Now Alerts You About Your Surrounding while Listening to Music via Headphones

We all are android lovers, but i am sure that we all are a big music lovers too, and we forget everything once our earphones or headphones get on our heads. The headphones always helps us get out of a situation where crowd is making too much noise and when we don't want ourselves to get distracted from the noise coming from outside. But have you ever wondered what to do when we want to get alerted while listening music using headphones. This type of situation is likely to occur when we are listening to music at places like home or office. These type of locations are usually quite , and noise here is always a factor of worry when our attention is needed. So the smart developers of android have came up with a solution whereby you get alerted whenever some unusual noise is produced in your surrounding .

The App is called "Around Sound" . This app is very useful in home like conditions. what actually around sound do is that when we activate the app with our preset level of noise, the app start monitoring the surrounding via activating the microphone of the android phone or tablet. And whenever the noise goes beyond the minimum threshold the app automatically pauses the music playing on the headphones  for few seconds. And then it automatically resume the same track after a interval of few second.

The app "Around Sound" is absolutely  free of charge in Google Play Store AKA Android market you can download the app right now and test it. Though the app has also a paid version on android market which promises to have a street level which can also help you pausing the music at street but we don't think so it would be a great feature. We have tested the app in many mobiles like Samsung galaxy S II , Samsung Galaxy Note, as well as LG Optimus One P500. We have tested it in both types of phones and it is working correctly with every phone.

The app gives you few choices to customize, here you can change the setting according to your choice and preferences. The app has basically three options to customize you can see a sound meter in the middle of app which is used to set the minimum noise threshold on which the app should trigger itself and pauses the music running in background. The pause mode if enabled pauses the music when the noise hits the triggers. And you can see a resume button which is used to resume the music automatically after few seconds after music get paused. Once you have understood every option you can hit start button and leave the app in background to monitor the noise level in your surrounding. The app when enabled shows itself in notification bar at the top of the screen. You can directly access the app from there and start or stop it when you need it.
Though app promises to be very good and promising but we don't think so it will work with every household environment as it sometimes disturbs by continuously pausing the music when it should not get paused. Though you should get the app and try it in your house environment and tell us below how use full the app proved to you.


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