Monday, March 26, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III To Launch On The 30'th March - Rumor

galaxy s III launch date

We all know that Samsung's next big thing is it's Android Flagship mobile the Samsung Galaxy S III, The third most important and most awaited phone among the hardcore Android Fans. Samsung Galaxy S III is one phone which has been continuously rumored among the android followers. Samsung has also kept themselves quite on this matter until now, we think they want to make a big blast on android industry by reveling something great. Though many rumors have been flying in the past like, Everyone thought that Samsung will be reveling Galaxy S III at Mobile world Congress - Barcelona, but everyone's exceptions got broken when the launch the Galaxy S II Plus instead of Galaxy S III.

This time another Rumor has spread all over the World that the Samsung Galaxy S III will be launched on coming Friday the 30'th March 2012, Don't get excite by reading because the rumor might have a strong base but there are more chances that the rumor is completely baseless or either we can say the rumor is about something else and we are expecting it to be about Samsung Galaxy S III.

Actually the News about the phone has Started from an image banner being Displayed on a UK Based Mobile phones chain store called Phones 4U. The phone 4U has displayed a blue banner on a it's windows pane the pane is displaying the text -
"COMING   30.03.2012"
This news was first highlighted by a Gadget blog "Gizmodo"" and then the news spread all over the Internet. Although according to our research we have come to a conclusion that though the Banner is real  but it's not something about Galaxy S III. As the Samsung Galaxy S III is such a big deal for all the android lovers that Samsung will not make this surprise on such a small scale by displaying the teaser on the windows phone of mobile store.

Also we as well as other blogs thinks that the teaser is about any other Samsung next android phones most probably any of it's mid range android phones. as the other android site 'Android Central' states that :

“Let's not forget that this is a phone store in London. Samsung's last major London event was at the slightly more impressive Battersea Power Station, where the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus were both on show. Taking all this into account, we're going to take a punt on this and say that it's likely to be something mid or low range,

 But don't lose you hopes about the phone because it's almost been a long time waiting for the phones and lots of rumors like it's Pictures, Specifications, and Launch Dates has been already on the air so Samsung won't take much time officially releasing it's Teaser. until then keep visiting us and tell us what did you think about the Teaser as shown in the image in the top. please share and discuss your comments below, as we love to hear your views.


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