Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why Samsung Galaxy Pocket Would Excite Feature Phone Users

samsung galaxy pocket best phones for youth

With a YOY growth of greater than 600%, Android mobile phones are definitely on the rise in India. The typical feature phone user though has still not been enamored with the various entry level smartphones available in the market to switch over from their mid-range Nokia, Samsung or Motorola feature phone. That is because till now they have been offered with low quality or older versions of Android at the lower price points.

That is set to change with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Pocket which is squarely targetted at the budget conscious and brand oriented feature phone users. In this post we look at some important points that will excite feature phone users and convert them into an android believer.

  • Smartphone for the budget conscious

Sunil Mittal, the CEO of Airtel recently declared that it is time for smartphones to be made available at a rate below Rs 5000. While Samsung Galaxy Pocket may not initially be available at such a low price, its launch price would definitely be the lowest in the Samsung stable of smartphones. Currently Samsung Galaxy Y sells at Rs 6,990 online and this would be a great price for the Samsung Galaxy Pocket to make its debut. Rs 5000 is a mental barrier for most feature phone users looking for a quick switch over to smartphone from their branded feature phones. Samsung Galaxy Pocket would be a great first smartphone for those who are budget conscious. Budget conscious people would only spend on perceivably highly reliable products and Samsung Galaxy Pocket would perfectly fit the bill. Priced extremely cheap, the phone has a decent build and is power packed with features and apps, that should cater to just about every kind of user.

  • Value for your money

There have been plenty of local manufacturers such as Micromax, Spice, Karbonn etc with low cost Android phones at prices starting from as low as Rs. 2,999. However, most of these models lack proper functionality or run on a now defunct version of Android. That is why we see people opting for feature phones that do their job well, instead of these smartphones.

We believe that for a consumer to move from a feature phone to smartphone, the best features and specs have to be provided at a budget price. Samsung Galaxy Pocket does just that with a sleek, handy and attractive package. The phone sports a 2.7” capacitive touch screen display that does pretty much everything one expects from a phone. The phone runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, which is in itself a great deal considering most of the entry level phones run on Android 2.2 Froyo. The phone is powered by an 832 MHz processor which is faster than most of the entry level smartphones. The phone does fall short in terms of the camera, with just 2MP camera, however this may not be something everyone would be worried about. The phone however provides great value for money mainly due to its built, its price and the fact that it comes with Samsung's mindblowing UI on top of the Android 2.3.

  • Samsung Chat On and the Android App

For a typical feature phone user, the biggest appeal for Samsung phones is the new Samsung Chat On messenger. Samsung Chat On will let users communicate with friends at a much cheaper rate than typical SMS rates. Just get a GPRS pack of Rs 99 and go happy chatting away with friends. Samsung Chat On is available on Samsung feature phones such as Samsung Champ Deluxe , Samsung Champ Duos etc as well. However, combined with the typical suite of Android Apps, Samsung Galaxy Pocket would serve as an irresistible deal for the college going folks.

  • Wifi Hotspot

Wifi Hotspot has become the buzz word among tech aficionados today. Samsung Galaxy Pocket would perhaps be the cheapest phone in the market providing the Wifi Hotspot functionality.
Wifi Hotspot, lets you use your mobile phone as a wireless router to help connect other Wifi enabled devices to the internet. Should you wish to use your BSNL 3G or Reliance 3G connection to connect all the wifi devices in your house to the internet, you needn't buy a Wifi Router if you own the Samsung Galaxy Pocket.

  • Summary

Samsung Galaxy Pocket is the first honest attempt at providing a high value for money experience for an entry level experience by a main brand company. The phone promises good functionality and interesting features to make even the sceptical buyer interested. With a great price, good amounts of features and Samsung Chat On messenger service and Wifi Hotspot, the phone definitely will excite just about any feature phone user.


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