Sunday, December 29, 2013

LG entering the wearable segment with the G-Arch and G-Health



The wearable technology segment is going to be bustling in 2014. We can expect to see everything from smartwatches and fitness wristbands to smart glasses to wearable technologies that assist the elderly. Samsung has been one of the pioneers in this movement with their Galaxy Gear watch, which is compatible with only Samsung devices.

LG needs to step it up to compete with Samsung

Samsung sold significantly more smartphones than Apple or any other mobile manufacturer in the third quarter of 2013. Samsung shipped out nearly 11 times as many smartphones as LG.

If LG hopes to compete with Samsung, they need to get involved in the wearable segment. This is exactly what they are planning on doing. At MWC 2014, we can expect to see the new LG flagship phone, the LG G3, revealed alongside a smartwatch, the G-Arch, and a fitness wristband, the G-Health.

Will LG's wearables only be compatible with LG Devices?

As of right now, it is not clear whether the devices will be compatible only with certain LG devices or if they will be compatible with all devices. Certainly if the smartwatch and fitness wristband are compatible with all devices, they may see an increase in sales for this reason. However, this increase in sales may be at the expense of LG smartphone sales.

In any case, LG's new flagship phone, the LG G3, will certainly be compatible with the G-Arch and the G-Health. This phone will pack a powerful punch, with a Quad-HD display (2560 x 1440 resolution), octa-core processor, and 16MP rear camera. The G3 will also have a fingerprint sensor. This will either be a hit, as it was with the iPhone 5S, or a miss, like the HTC One Max. Regardless, the device will likely complement the G-Arch and G-Health nicely.

G-Arch and G-Health Specifications

Unfortunately, not much is known about either of LG's upcoming wearables.

The G-Arch will rival the Galaxy Gear, so we can probably anticipate similar features.

The G-Health will emulate Nike's FuelBand. The latest FuelBand has the capability to compare performance of individuals for different sports and activities; lights to indicate once goals have been reached, and lets users easily share fitness statistics. We may see some of these features in the G-Health.

Will LG be the one to make wearable technologies take off?

Wearable technologies are tougher to sell than smartphones because the need for them has not been established yet. If people come to find out that their lives are significantly improved by a smartwatch or a fitness wristband, sales will take off. Wearable technology manufacturers need to create the need for these technologies if they hope for them to succeed. If LG succeeds at this, they could sell more wearables than Samsung.

Furthermore, with wearable technology, style is almost as important as functionality. No one wants to think about how ugly their smartwatch is whenever they spot their wrist. If the G-Arch and G-Health are sleek and have sufficient functionality, they will have every chance at taking off.


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