Thursday, January 2, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 rumours and launch information

Samsung Galaxy S5 India Launch

Smartphones in the Samsung Galaxy series are well worth the anticipation. The Galaxy S4 was a hit upon launch in March 2013. If Samsung wants to stay on top of Apple and other smartphone manufacturers in sales, they need to keep coming out with cutting-edge devices, which is why Samsung is back at it with the development of the Galaxy S5.


The Galaxy S4 had a plastic body and we would love to see something better on the Galaxy S5. Some are speculating that Samsung will use carbon fibre. There are also rumours that the Galaxy S5 will be waterproof and dustproof, both of which would be seriously appreciated.


We will not likely see a screen larger than 5 inches. If Samsung were to increase the size of the Galaxy screen too much it would venture into Galaxy Note territory.

We may see a display improved over fHD. If the display is not fHD, it may be WQHD or Ultra HD. There are reports of a 5.25-inch WQHD screen in production. Furthermore, it is possible that the Galaxy S5 will have a curved screen, like the Galaxy Round has in Korea. We may also see Super AMOLED technology. Most circulating rumours are based off of technology that Samsung has been developing or that is out on other devices currently.


There is a rumour going around that the Galaxy S5 will have a 64-bit chip, given that Samsung has finalized a deal with Samsung for the chip. The name of the chip is not known yet, but it is speculated that it will be the Exynos 6. If Samsung does use this chip, they will need Google to prepare a 64-bit version of Android.

We may instead see a Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.5GHz, as these benchmark results have been spotted online.

Eye scanner

This is an interesting feature that we have not seen before. We may see an eye scanner on the Galaxy S5, which could be used for security purposes. This would be a good move for Samsung, as Apple and HTC have been adding extra security features to their devices with fingerprint scanners.


The Galaxy S4 has a 13MP camera, so we can expect to the Galaxy S5 to have something even better. GforGames is speculating that the Galaxy S5 will have a 16MP camera with ISOCELL technology.

When can we get our hands on the Galaxy S5?

Samsung's Galaxy S5 will likely be released in March 2014, given that the Galaxy S4 was released in March 2013. Some have speculated that the device will be released in February. Whatever the case, we are still looking at the same timeframe of early 2014.

Rumours for the Galaxy S5 are beginning to develop and it is sounding great. If we see a stronger build, a richer display, a decent processor, a well-implemented eye scanner, and an improved camera, all of which have been speculated, there is no doubt the device will be a success.


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