Tuesday, December 17, 2013

When will we see the Nexus 10 2013 edition?

With the world’s top search engine firm Google continuing to remain silent over the highly anticipated Nexus 10 2013, it seems like the much awaited tablet isn’t going to see a release in 2013.

Even after the second week of December, Google has failed to come up with a release date for Nexus 10 2013. Nexus lovers around the world thought that Google will release and sell its Nexus 10 2013 during the busy shopping period of December, and why not? With so many customers eager to buy Nexus 10 2013, it would have been a logical decision, but unfortunately it didn’t happen.

Who is going to make the Nexus 10 2013?

There is a certain Spanish telecom company that has released Nexus 10 images claiming that it will be made by LG. The leaked reports from a Spanish broadband and telecom provider, Telefonica, revealed that it will be priced for $500 (Rs. 30,000). The reports further claimed that LG made Nexus 10 2013 will have a model number of LG-V510.  It was later revealed that this model number is nothing but a different version of an LG tablet.
However, there are other rumours on the Internet that indicate that the Nexus 10 would come with a 10.1 inches screen with high quality resolution of 2560X1600. Here is a quick look at the rumoured specifications of the Nexus 10 2013:

-       Operating System
Google Nexus 10 2013 will run on Android 4.4 KitKat, the most recent version of Android.

-       Screen
There will be a PLS 10.1 inches screen that will provide high quality resolution with 2560X1600 pixels and pixel density of 299ppi.

-       Processor
Nexus 10 2013 will likely run on the 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon or the Nvidia Tegra 4 CPU.

-       Storage
Nexus 10 2013 will have 2GB or 3GB RAM and storage memory of 32GB to easily store your list of music and video files.

-       Cameras
Along with 8MP rear camera, it is also alleged to have 2.1 MP camera at the front

-       Battery
The Nexus 2013 will be powered by a non-removable Li-po 9500 mAh battery.

Will Google choose LG Over Samsung and Asus to design Nexus 10 2013?

In the past, there were rumours that Asus would be making Nexus 10 2013, who has made the first generation and second generation Nexus 7 tablet for Google. The second gen Nexus 7 has turned out to be a great tablet because it offered much more than what everyone was looking for, and is a huge success. So, it is a mystery why Google will avoid a reliable and well tested tablet maker like Asus or Samsung by choosing LG, which is better known for smartphones rather than tablets.

Whether Google chooses LG, Samsung or Asus, one thing is certain that they will have to provide impressive hardware if they really wish to hit the market with Nexus 10 2013. Apple’s iPad Air and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 are definitely going to offer a strong competition to the Google Nexus 10 2013. 


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