Monday, January 9, 2012

HOW TO - Get E-Mail Support For Aakash 2 aka Ubislate 7+ Prebooking Order.

how to get email support for aakash 2 aka ubislate 7

Datawind The manufacturer of India's cheapest tablet has finally came out with e-mail support for it's customers. After all the criticism going on the media about no support for their client , datawind finally realizes that they should have to do something to please their customers. DataWind on its website also sought patience from the customers, as it geared up to meet the massive orders for the tablet. DataWind has also provided an e-mail support service for the customers –, besides the toll-free number and fill-in the query forms.
In our previous coverage, we had pointed out that several people were unable to track the status of their orders. Also, they didn't know how to cancel their pre-orders. A number of users have complained about delays in delivery. DataWind's poor support system has evidently disappointed several Aakash enthusiasts. The recent revision of the tablet names also added to the confusion. We had also highlighted that there were no e-mail support for the users. Read our Guide to get support for Aakash tablet PC after pre-order for further assistance.
DataWind in its post also stressed that the pre-booking rate for the Aakash a.k.a UbiSlate 7 was now averaging over 100,000 individual enduser sales each day and cumulatively exceeded over two million. Owing to the unprecedented massive pre-orders, DataWind has already delayed the delivery of the tablet. Later, the company partnered with the online shopping site to take the pre-orders. While the Aakash tablet is out of stock, its upgraded version of the Aakash,UbiSlate 7+ is also sold out till February.


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